Poemas favoritos II
Favorite poems II

Bem no Fundo

Paulo Leminski

no fundo, no fundo,
bem lá no fundo,
a gente gostaria
de ver nossos problemas
resolvidos por decreto

a partir desta data,
aquela mágoa sem remédio
é considerada nula
e sobre ela - silêncio perpétuo

extinto por lei todo o remorso
maldito seja quem olhar para trás
lá para trás não há nada,
e nada mais

mas problemas não se resolvem,
problemas têm família grande,
a aos domingos saem todos passear
o problema, sua senhora
e outros pequenos probleminhas
The God Abandons Antony
Constantinos Cavafy
(Translated by Lawrence Durrell)

When suddenly at darkest midnight heard,
The invisible company passing, the clear voices,
Ravishing music of invisible choirs -
Your fortunes having failed you now,
Hopes gone aground, a lifetime of desires
Turned into smoke. Ah! do not agonize
At what is past deceiving,
But like a man long since prepared
With courage say your last good-byes
To Alexandria as she is leaving.
Do not be tricked and never say
It was a dream or that your ears misled,
Leave cowards their entreaties and complaints,
Let all such useless hopes as these be shed,
And like a man long since prepared,
Deliberately, with pride, with resignation
Befitting you and worthy of such a city
Turn to the open window and look down
To drink past all deceiving
Your last dark rapture from the mystical throng
And say farewell, farewell to Alexandria leaving.

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