Poemas favoritos III
Favorite poems III

Guardião do Fogo

Marcelo Tápia

Confio-lhe a sorte
de meus poemas desfeitos
confio-lhe o suporte
de meus defeitos
confio-lhe meu rótulo de poeta
meu delírio de asceta
meu chiste de esteta
confio-lhe de olhos fechados a morte
de minha ilusão do mito
confio-lhe, amigo
com alívio
(presente de grego, valor estimativo)
a integridade do meu lixo
Post Alcoholum Tristis
James Liddy

Rebel as the betrayed
I go down to the deathhouse
bringing no bone to be licked by Cerberus.
I travel to Dante's pit
under protest my Master made
the straight straight the lame lame
myself unionless,
dark Christ, exchange
for realities the tears I weep
the dear shadows I kissed
the souls I thought I could earn by anger.
Revolutionary I
will not accept any difference set
from the beginning of creation,
this raw primal emptiness
each man with woman with man afraid,
until a voice saying 'come'
a single unbent flower
in my hand
I meet You, Christ, in the nerve wreckage
of death and see from Your eyes
- only from Yours, Lord -
how for our own good we were curfewed from love.

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