Poemas favoritos XXVII
Favorite poems XXVII

de A.B.C. das Catátrofes

Aníbal M. Machado

O incêndio é a mais impaciente das catástrofes;
A explosão, a mais impulsiva e lacônica;
O abalroamento, a mais colérica;
A inundação, a mais feminina e majestosa.
Wild Plum
Orrick Johns

They are unholy who are born
To love wild plum at night,
Who once have passed it on a road
Glimmering and white.

It is as though the darkness had
Speech of silver words,
Or as though a cloud of stars
Perched like ghostly birds.

They are unpitied from their birth
And homeless in men's sight
Who love, better than the earth,
Wild plum at night.

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