O Caritas
Cat Stevens
(Yusuf Islam)

Original Latin (please ignore subtitles):

Hunc ornatum mundi
Nolo perdere
Video flagrare (3)
Omnia res
Audio clamare (3)
Nunc extinguitur
Mundi et astorum lumen
Nunc concipitur
Mali homines crimen
Tristetat et lacrimis
Gravis est dolor
De terranque maribus
Magnus est clamor
O caritas, O caritas
Nobis semper sit amor
Nos perituri mortem salutamus
Sola resurgit vita

Ah, this world is burning fast
Oh, this world will never last
I don't want to lose it, (3)
here in my time
Give me time forever, (3)
here in my time.

English translation:

I don't want to lose

The harmony of the universe
I see all things burning
I hear men shouting
Now is the light of the
World and the stars going out
Now does the blame for the disaster
Fall upon men
Grief is heavy with sadness and tears
Great is the noise from the earth and the seas
O love, O love be with us always
We who will perish salute death
Life alone goes on

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