Life may drive me up the wall
I trip and sometimes fall
And wonder, is it all worth living?
And I'll try to lend a helping hand
And I can understand life isn't always giving
I moan now, for it's been a lonely fight
I sing my songs now
To the dark and empty night
And nothing's wrong now
But then again, there's nothing right
There will be days I'll win and days I'll lose
And I've got an awful kind of blues
I must go and take a chance
To try to find an answer
The music for the dancers
In me
And I know that I must dance alone
Though I know I've grown aware
And I care
I'm sighing, I've got my chin cupped in my hand
I should be flying
But I've got nowhere to land
Now I'm crying
But then I know to understand
Everybody pays his share of tears
I belong somehow, but it's been a hard and lonely fight
And I've got an awful kind of blues

Thanks to Dave Van Ronk for the help.

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